Zip It, Beeswax, zipper, dressmaker patterns, book, 5.5"w x 5"h x 5"d

Fine Art Encaustic Sculpture

I seek to unveil natural beauty and create sculptures that provoke musings about the state of physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. I use the various forms from books, shoes, to the human figure, for these statements that mirror life as I have experienced it.

Being a visual problem solver, I invite the challenge of working with incongruous materials. Every element included in a work investigates bittersweet contradictions concerning life’s fragility. Multifaceted double entendres are prevalent in many of the pieces. I exploit visual puns to convey one meaning but, upon closer inspection, a deeper and more multi-level meaning becomes apparent.

My method of creating sculptures utilizes silicone rubber molds for multiple casting. The cast encaustic form becomes the structure that I then build on, but it is also susceptible to being manipulated, melted, dug into, poked and or prodded. I work in the moment. Usually with an initial thought or idea, but always open and willing to follow where the process leads.

I want people to feel, see and / or experience something when they view the work. I want to evoke a response. Often the feedback is very relevant to me as a person. As people point out what the piece is saying to them, I understand parts of myself a little more.