Fine Art Sculpture

I am a conceptual artist…
Only because, my message is more important than the medium from which it is created.

I was warned not to be seduced by any medium. And I am not, save one: beeswax.
Beeswax is the glue that holds my art practice together. I am a sculptor who uses materials from distinctly different sources. By juxtaposing these materials with a beeswax or encaustic foundation I am free to manipulate, at will, until the piece finds its voice. This malleability is instrumental in my process.

Seeing work encased in beeswax had a profound effect on my formative years as an artist, as it proposed that art could be suggestive. I am drawn to subjective statements and open-ended interpretation which allows others to bring their own experiences to my artwork.

My work is full of visual puns, double entendre, symbolism and satire. It references the dichotomy of my early life expectations to conform to a traditional woman’s role, when in fact, reality for me, was the need to be self-sufficient and support myself as an entrepreneur and business owner. These contradictions allow me to expose my private self through veiled metaphor creating objects significant beyond function. The underlying message – the essence of my work – speaks to the roles and rights of girls and women.