Artists Should Add Online Collections to CV

It is a brave new world with the internet being so instrumental in an artists’ career. I think that it is only reasonable that artists should add online collections to CV.

This does need qualifying though. What exactly constitutes an online collection?

Grant it there are 100’s of sites that artists can submit their work to for free. These are portfolio sites that have 1000’s of searchable artists that anyone can become a member of. I’m not referring to these sites.

Websites that jury the artist submissions carry weight in the arts community. Not just anyone will be accepted. Just like submitting to a live gallery, an online gallery reviews your work and exhibition history to ensure you meet their curatorial vision.

For example:
A few years ago I submitted my Heels series to the “Virtual Shoe Museum”. They are strictly online, until recently (I’ll explain in a bit). Anyway, I sent images and a few months later they accepted a few of my pieces to be displayed on an artist page with my name. Cool!

I also submitted to “This is Colossal” which is a very popular arts site with a large readership. I would be very excited if they showed my work, but I haven’t heard back yet. And like most galleries, they state they will only contact me if interested.

I believe that it is VERY WORTH WHILE for artists to seek out these types of opportunities. Here’s why…

1. Exposure Exposure Exposure
2. Could lead to other opportunities.

Did I say “other opportunities”? YES!

Shortly after I was accepted into the Virtual Museum online collection, I was approached by the website curator Liza Snook. She was working on a major exhibition of shoe designers and artists for a six month show at the Grassi Museum in Leipzig Germany. Was I interested in sending “Step Lightly” to Germany? ABSOLUTELY!
Grassi Museum

How to list virtual collections in your CV

Listing online collections in your CV should be in a category of their own. They should not be included in the typical list of collections. This is because it is not an actual sale, no one purchased your work. But I believe that online collections are valid as it demonstrates that you are active in the arts community and the arts community now includes the internet.

Here’s how I listed my online collection:

Virtual Collections
The Virtual Shoe Museum, Artist Page: Kim Bruce

You can see it here on my CV. Notice I kept it under the main Collections title but separated from the main list.

Do you agree that artists should add online collections to their CV?

Also I would (and every other artist) like to know if you have resources to share on reputable online collection websites that you have submitted to. Please leave a link to your online collections.

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  1. I never really knew about on-line collections in the way you describe them, until now. Thanks!

    What also needs to be considered are on-line galleries and juried on-line shows. Both those with and without brick and mortar presence.

    In the last week of my MFA (this May) a professor that I greatly admire and who has gallery representation in one of the top galleries in LA said: “In ten years galleries as we know them will not exist, ok well maybe 20 years. They are retail stores and they are too empty these days to stay open the way they have done business in the past.”

    This statement was mixed in when I was asking him for feedback on how to approach my future and selling my work. He is very aware of my blogging and on-line reach. He said to basically “forge your own path with people you meet face to face and whatever it is you do on-line.”

    And this coming from a professor who is a bit e-mail challenged! So, yes we do need to pay attention to our on-line reach! Thanks Kim

    • Hi Suzanne

      Interesting comment from your professor. It’s so true. I have seen a gradual change over the last 10 years in the gallery system. Galleries and artists need to be online it’s just the way the world is turning. Ignore the internet and the opportunities it provides the harder it will be to be found.

      Juried online shows and galleries also valid CV entries, of course.

      Thanks for stopping by Suzanne