One “O” in Poor

Canadian Artists for the Poor put out a call for 25 artists for a really fun project. The project consists of one artist painting one of the letters in their name — Canadian Artists for the Poor. The format is 11″ x 14″ portrait orientation.  They’re going to put them all together and have an amazing display of different colours, styles and fonts at Calgary Art Walk.

About One “O” in Poor…

There’s a lot going on in this simple little piece called “O”, which is one of the o’s in the word Poor.

The work is a collage of foreign currency (the real thing not colour copies) in a bed of encaustic. The wax was built up and scraped back to only slightly reveal the bills below. You know there is something below the surface but it is inaccessible.

I cut out the center of the “O” as a metaphor for nothing or zero, with torn bits of the international currencies touching the border. Visually and physically stopped at the edge going nowhere.

One could make note that I used money that could have otherwise have helped the poor. A waste? Perhaps. But maybe someone will appreciate the irony of this piece and contribute to the cause.





  1. Wonderful piece! I also like the fact that it casts a shadow (as money often does on the things we would love to do)…

  2. Beautiful work, Kim. I love how thoughtful you are.