When I started using books as a metaphor, the books were presented in the open position. The symbolism of that work focused on the central spine. A strong vertical line is prevalent in a lot of my work and has to do with having backbone; inner strength.

As the work progressed to using actual books, it took a turn. I was sealing the books closed, making them inaccessible, and unable to open. It was then that I realized what the work was truly about.

My mom, an avid reader, considered education key to self-empowerment, self-sufficiency and independence. She made sure I received an education and lead by example as she is a very strong and independent woman herself.

I use books as my canvas to present views about education for girls. I want viewers of the work to come away with a clearer understanding of the importance of education and the role it has in shaping future generations. If girls are educated and given choices they can influence the world. Books are knowledge and in turn, knowledge empowers.

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