How My Dad Influenced My Art Practice.

My father has had a great influence on my life like most parents. He taught me a work ethic that lead to self employment at an early age, I was 26. But more than that he influenced how I look at the world and interpret that with my unique visual language.This is how my dad influenced my art practice.

I Like Computer Code, there I said it

As I get to know more artists I’m finding that not only do some have day jobs but another passion outside of their art. I have found doctors, engineers, welders and technical drafts-people. What’s fascinating to me is that these disciplines are considered left brain while art on a whole is consider right. You know, math … - PinPoint

High Art

I have been very fortunate to have had a few studio visits over my career. The last one is of considerable note but before you get all glad on me; even though it lasted 3 hours, alas it did not lead to representation. But he was very generous with his time and for that I …