Working with Hair

If you read my post about my work with Pins & Needles you will probably appreciate my work with hair.

I work with fine false wig hair as opposed to actual human hair for a couple of reasons. First I think that human hair should be donated to create wigs for people who have lost theirs due to cancer treatments. And secondly people are relieved when I tell them that it is false hair and not the real thing.

Our societies views on hair when not actually attached to our heads is one of disgust? Gross? I’m not sure when the change of view happen. It used to be in Victorian times a more precious thing.  A lock of your loves hair was special and there were many fine objects created from hair; weaved into brooches and lockets and the like.

In my work with hair I juxtapose elements to create conceptual statements regarding vanity, fashion, feminism and religion. You can find some pins & needles in the 3 Hail Mary’s.